What skincare should a bride do before her wedding day? – Marabella Bridal

What skincare should a bride do before her wedding day?

Question:  "How can a bride prepare and maintain healthy skin for her wedding day?"
Answer: ' " The best way to prepare for healthy skin is to start a good skincare routine at home. Preferably 6 months in advance from the wedding date"
Question:; " Can you describe  a basic skincare routine"
Answer:  " A facial cleanser, it is best to double cleanse the face to make sure you are getting all make up products and dirt off the skin. Next exfoliate 2-3 times a week, use a hydrating masque or purifying mask once a week, use a serum like a vitamin C serum for bighting the skin and end with moisturizer and eye cream. Also make sure you use sunscreen for the day time."
Question:  " What is an easy beauty regiment for a bride to get glowing skin?"
Answer :" A bride should drink a lot if water, use more than one serum for extra hydration and dewey skin. Make sure you layer your serums thinnest to thickest. I also recommend getting a monthly facial at least 3 months prior to your wedding day"
Question: " A common question when it comes to skincare is how to minimize pores?"
Answer: "The only way to truly reduce the appearance of pores is to have laser. However there are things you can do to prevent pores from from enlarging and that is getting monthly facials, having a face peel, frequent face steaming, and keeping up with exfoliating"
Question : "Full plump lips are very in trend right now, what can a bride do for fuller lips without doing injections?"
Answer : " The newest lip trend is the hyaluronic lip pen, because there is no needle involved. Hyaluronic acid is deposited into the outer most layer of the skin by air pressure. You'll see the most results after 2-3 treatments. After the 3rd treatment results should last 6-12 months. A bride should start having her first treatment at least 3 months before her wedding date and do the follow up sessions 3-4 weeks apart"
Question; "Is there any last beauty and skin care tips you'd like to add?"
Answer  " I would recommend for a bride to go to her local esthetician, explain your skin concerns, and buy the recommend products to incorporate into  your skincare routine. Book monthly facials if it fits into your budget and wear sunscreen'