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How to buy a wedding dress online

My cousin is getting married this summer, she wants to buy a wedding dress online, because she knows it is less expensive, but how can she find a good wedding dress online that she will not be cheated or taken advantage of?

I would suggest her to buy from the website that has “Try at home” program, which means she can borrow a dress to try it on at home before she actually buys it , this way she will be able to make sure it is the style she wants, She checks the fabric, checks the quality and the made of the dress and most importantly make sure this dress fit her well and it is easy to wear, don’t forget she will have to wear this dress whole day long. It is important the dress fits her and she feels comfortable in it.

What is the “ Try at home” program? How does it work?

Try at home program is a program that with a very small amount of money, you can order the dress form the company to ship it to your house for you to try on, the money you pay is just for the cost of shipping the dress to you and back, it does not cover the cost of the dress.

By doing so, you can make sure it is the style you want, the quality and workmanship is acceptable. of course, you should not damage the dress or get it dirty at the time you try it on, and it has to be returned within the time frame the company requested. There will be instructions as to how you ship the dress back to the company, it should be very easy to do.

So what do I do after that ?

If it is the dress you want, then after you return the try on sample dress, you can go to the website and order the dress in your size. Some websites offer the service of “custom sizing”, that means you can order the dress according to your Bust, Waist, Hip measurement and they can also make the length of the skirt according to your height.

Wow, That is great ! No extra charge?

It depends on the company, there are companies that will do it for free, but there are also companies that will charge you a fee, you will have to check it with the company. However it is important to order the dress from a website that has good customer service. because you will have a lot of questions to ask.

Not only that, I think the delivery time is important too, I am sure nobody wants her bridal dress to fail to deliver before her wear date !

How long does it take for them to deliver the dress? How can I make sure they will not be late?

Again, You have to check carefully the website you order the dress from. Usually it takes 6-10 weeks for the dress to arrive, but every website is different,…...

Why does it take so long !

That is because all the bridal dress is made to order, most of the companies do not carry inventory, they will make the dress only after they receive the confirmed order and the payment.

They will start the process of ordering material, cut the pattern , especially if it is a custom sizing dress, they have to get your measurement first before they can cut the pattern. Then there is time needed for applying the lace, sewing , beading …a very complicated production procedure until the dress is completed. Then you have to see where the dress is made, if it is done oversea, it will take time for the dress to ship into the country. That is why it takes so long.

Also you have to think about the unforeseen disaster now a day, such as Earthquake, Hurricane , Flood...So if your cousin wants to order online, She better start early, I would say 4 months before her wedding date, including the time she needs for “Try at home”.