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My Dress

1.What is custom sizing?

                                                                                                                                                          For a customer whose body measurements do not match any size on our size chart, she will need to order a custom sizing dress. Marabella Bridal does not charge more than the regular price for custom sizing dress even though we will have to cut a seperate pattern just for you. Because it is a dress made specially for you, it is non-refundable for any reason, including wedding cancellations or changes. We make the dresses based on the bust, waist, hips, and hollow-to-floor measurements that you give us and according to Marbella Bridal sewing requirements depending on the style and silhouette you order. Be sure to measure yourself according to our guidelines. This helps to provide a closer fit. The dress will still likely require alterations for an even better fit, so we sell fabrics and laces at very inexpensive prices to enable you  take the dress to a seamster/seamstress  you desire to do alteration if it is needed.

Please note, we do not recommend decreasing or increasing your measurements if you are planning to lose or gain weight. 

Also please note, custom sizing is not the same as custom design. We cannot re-design a dress per your request. Custom sizing only allows us to make a dress per the 4 measurements you give us -- bust, waist, hip and hollow-to-floor.


          2.How to take measurement?

             Please refer to our size chart page, we have detailed instructions on how to take body measurements. Be sure to follow our guidelines to measure yourself accordingly.

           3. How do I know if I am a standard sizing or a custom sizing?

                After you take measurements of your bust, waist, hip and hollow-to-floor, check against the Marabella Bridal size chart to see if you can match any of our sizes. If you cannot find the match, that means you will need to order a custom sizing dress. 

              4. I ordered a standard size dress, why does it still take 8-10 weeks to deliver -- the same as a custom sizing dress?

                   Because all Marabella Bridal dresses are made to order, no matter it is a custom sizing dress or a standard sizing dress, it all has to go through the same process of pattern making, cutting, sewing, hand work, and pressing until it has been completed. It all takes the same amount of time from cutting to shipping out to you. We, at Marabella Bridal, take extreme care to handle the production of your dress because we know this is the most important dress in your life. 

                   5. What if I have found my dream dress on your website? How can I get a discount or a deal so I can pay less?

                        Firstly, let us say “Congratulations on finding the Dream dress!” We know how hard it is to spend hours going through the websites, magazines, or any other means to find the dress you want to wear for the Big Day! It is such a big decision to make in life!  Marabella Bridal wants to help all the girls to make their dream come true. We do offer special discounts from time to time. Please watch out for our flash sale as well as our seasonal promotion. We also offer the Afterpay Program, so you can pay your order in several installments. However, since all our dresses take 8-10 weeks to be ready, don’t wait too long, or we cannot promise to meet your wear date! 

                   6..Do you carry petite or plus size ?

                    We offer sizes ranging from 2-28, which covers the plus-size. We do not carry petite size on every style; however you may contact our wonderful stylist team to get help on your needs.

                    7. I am losing or gaining weight. What do I do with the dress I ordered?

                       You will have to take the dress to a seamester/seamstress you trust to do alteration, At Marabella Bridal, we will be able to help by selling you the same fabric and lace of this dress at a very inexpensive price, so you will have the right fabric and lace for your alteration.

                     8.What bridesmaid dress do you recommend to match my wedding dress?

                        You can discuss this with our stylist team. Just send us an email with your name, e-mail address and the wedding dress you are going to wear. We will answer you with suggestions within 48 hours. You can consider our recommendation; however it is your Big Day. You know the best.


                      9.Now that I answered questions regarding my size and the silhouette I like,  can you help me to find the dress that most fits my body shape?

                          By doing our questionnaires, you should get a pretty good idea of what style and silhouette fit you best. We recommend that you follow the answers from the questionnaires and choose the dress from our collection. Sometimes, your dream dress may not be the best dress for you; instead you will find another dress that is just as perfect and is waiting for you in our collection.


                      10. Can I make sure the bridesmaid dresses I ordered are the same color?

                             If the bridal party is ordering the same style or different styles of the same fabric type, and ordered at the same time, then “yes”. we can make sure all your bridesmaid dresses are the same color. However, if your bridal party orders different styles of different fabrics, then we cannot guarantee all your bridesmaid dresses are the same color because different fabrics take on color differently and will have shading variations. 

When placing the order for your bridesmaids, please put all the bridesmaid dresses you want to order together with their style number, sizes and color and make it one order, so we know they are for the same wedding party. If the bridesmaid dresses are placed in different order, then we cannot guarantee the color shade will be the same because the dresses need to be cut at the same time with the same roll of fabric to ensure the same color shade. 

If you forget to order a dress for a member of your party or you want to add an additional member to the party, please cancel the original order within 24 hours and place a new order. Please contact our customer service team for further details. 

Please note screen resolutions can alter the way colors look so be sure to order swatches before deciding on a color to ensure it is what you want. Again, the color may be slightly different to the swatch you ordered due to different fabrication or dye lots.


                     11.Will the colors be the same if I order Bridesmaid dresses in different styles?

                       If it is a different style of the same fabric type, then yes we can make sure your bridesmaid dresses are the same color. But all the bridesmaid dresses have to be ordered together on one order. However if your bridal party orders different styles of different fabrics then we cannot guarantee all your bridesmaid dresses are the same color because different fabrics take on color differently and will have color variations.